Lisa Newberry's Blog: 

Hello I'm Lisa, and I am now the proud recipient of a Teach Abroad Scholarship

I enjoyed the course immensely and liked the fact that I could work anywhere at any time of day. The feedback I received was always prompt, providing constructive criticism and praise simultaneously, which encouraged me to reflect and learn from the work I had done before starting the next module.

I thought that each component of the course was well structured and easy to work through independently. The self-help tasks and points to ponder were an excellent tool to ensure that I did not rush through the reading without processing the information. This meant when I came to write the assignments my notes were more in depth and useful. I also found it beneficial to read some of the articles referenced for each module as it provided extra context and the materials were well selected and thought provoking.

I gained a great deal from the course and the assignments encouraged me to creatively utilise the knowledge and theories learnt in each module. Despite learning remotely I was provided with a deeper insight into practical tasks such as lesson and course planning. I was also able to explore concepts of communicative learning approaches, which are increasingly in demand from schools and students all over the world.

I am currently volunteering in India where there is not a high demand for English teaching lessons, but in two months I will be winging my way to Vietnam, and 
I am very excited to be starting a new adventure!