Tobias Drummond's Blog:

 Hi - I'm Tobias.

 My experience as an English teacher in Spain was absolutely amazing. As a recent Events Management graduate, teaching English was something completely new to me; but the training and support I received throughout my TEFL course prepared me for my adventure abroad.

As a person interested in Linguistics and learning languages, traveling to Spain was always on the cards. My experience as an English teacher helped me to understand the problems that come with language learning and how to combat this issues.

It was fairly easy finding an English Teacher/Teaching Assistant job in Spain, particularly as a native English speaker; however one issue I did encounter was employers asking for individuals whose courses had included classroom training. This issue was still easily avoided.

I was in Spain for a 6 month period and gained a lot of transferable skills. I had taught children and adults at a beginner, intermediate and advance level of English. I now feel more confident in my teaching approach and designing lesson plans. It was all definitely a worthwhile experience and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

PS - I am also at a pretty good conversational level in Spanish now.

Hasta luego!