TEFL Certificate Fees and Enrolment

To Enrol:

Please email admin@ethicaltefl.org with your full name and the date you would like to start the Course. IMG_20141214_164951074_HDR.jpg

Once payment has been made you will then receive your Course Materials, Study Guide and Tutor Introduction within two working days, once we have assigned your Personal tutor.

As a Social Enterprise, we reinvest all our profits into providing further training and employment opportunities. This means we are able to offer all Students and unemployed/underemployed people a 25% subsidy when they enrol on the TEFL Certificate Course.

TEFL Certificate Course Fees:

To enrol today, or to find out more about our TEFL Certificate Course, please Contact Us

 Standard Rate: £300.00
(In full-time employment)
 Subsidised Rate: £225.00
(Unemployed, Underemployed or Student)

If you're still not sure if TEFL is really for you, why not try our TEFL Taster Course (25 Hours) first? You can upgrade to the Certificate or Diploma afterwards and the cost of the 'TEFL Taster' course will be deducted!